Homeschool Program Testimonials

At the time my daughter turned three years old, I decided to homeschool her using the Montessori method as she is a very visual and hands-on learner. I wanted a quality Montessori program that provides curriculum and learning that aligns with the Montessori principles and philosophy, as well as with our local Montessori preschools. After much research, I chose NAMC’s 3–6 Montessori Homeschool Program. As a parent without homeschooling experience, I found NAMC’s curriculum gave me all of the instructions, lessons plans, ideas, and confidence, to provide a Montessori program at home for my daughter.

I found NAMC to be a great organization with top-notch curriculum and customer service. NAMC’s 3–6 Homeschool Program is the only program I would recommend for someone choosing to homeschool using the Montessori method!

-Brittani Walker, a homeschooler in , Maryland, USA

I'm really impressed with the program. I especially love that each year is mapped out for you and they include the mastery checklists. The manuals are beautiful!

There are several manipulatives that you prepare yourself and finding the supplies to do so has been a breeze, it's just finding the time to put some of them together because the kids want to "help." 

If you're serious about a Montessori preschool for your kids, I'd say go for it. There really isn't another program out there like this (that I've found) and I've searched on and off for the past couple of years. 

 - Angie W., a homeschooler in Los Angeles, CA

I have loved your 3-6 Homeschool program and I used it last year. It was great in showing me how to instruct my kids using Montessori methods and materials, and it gave me a great start to setting up our homeschool classroom.

- Sigrid M., a homeschooler in Del Rio, TX

Our homeschooling is doing very well. The boys seem to enjoy it very much and are getting along in a very smooth manner with no difficulties. My three-year son is very funny. For about three weeks now, he has decided that he wants to continue the class after our circle time at the end of the school day.

As a family, we have incorporated Montessori all around (especially as I enrolled in your Montessori 6-9 diploma program.)

We have been Montessori homeschooling for a little over a year with your program, so now I feel much more confident in scheduling presentations and following the boys — seeing when they are ready for them. I have also practiced and developed a lot of patience —as a mother and as their teacher/guide. I am learning to encourage the boys rather than give them too much praise.

I will continue to share some of our family Montessori-homeschooling experiences and comments.

- Mariana A., a homeschooler in Argentina

My 3½ year old son and I look forward to our school time every day! The material we received from your program has been easy to follow and implement. The instructions on how to get started were great and got us off to a good start. Color coding the subjects and areas on the mastery checklists, curriculum, and yearly overviews has been helpful. Now that we are starting to merge from Year One to Year Two, I am appreciating how smooth the transition is within the material. Using the yearly overviews helps me plan what is next, what is a little ways out, and where we are going. I am having a great time learning the content while getting ready for my son's work period. My only regret is not starting the program in 2010 when I first learned about it. 

Thank you for a quality program! 

-Cass W., a homeschooler in Olalla, WA