Montessori Learning Materials

The Montessori 3-6 homeschool program includes some hands-on Montessori learning materials that relate directly to the curriculum activities. These specifically designed Montessori materials help your child gain a concrete understanding of abstract concepts. As your child manipulates materials such as the Golden Bead Material, he/she further enhances his/her cognitive understanding of the concept through the materials’ sensory elements.

Montessori learning materials are a crucial element of the method.To make it convenient and cost-effective for you, the program comes with some key Montessori materials (see our list of Montessori materials included). You will also receive detailed, easy-to-follow preparation instructions that guide you through the creation of your own homeschool Montessori materials for all the curriculum areas (see our list of materials you can easily make from our included templates).

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Sample Learning Materials

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