Montessori Homeschooling Curriculum Activities

All the activities you will need for your three-year homeschool program come complete in the Curriculum  manuals. Together, the five manuals provide you and your child with close to 400 activities for hands-on learning across five curriculum areas. With such a range of activities, you can conveniently choose the ones that best suit your child’s individual needs and learning style. The professionally written, full-color how-to guide complements the curriculum manuals by giving you the know-how and background theory you will want in order to present activities with ease and confidence.

As you read the sample activities, you will notice that they are detailed and thorough, while still being straightforward and clear. You will also find that every activity includes full-color images, most of which show a presentation of the activity or its materials. As well, for your convenience, each activity is easy to follow and clearly formatted using these headings:

  • Purpose — the activity’s learning outcome or goal
  • Age range — a suggested age when your child is likely to be ready to receive the presentation
  • Prerequisites — activities your child should work on first for maximum benefit
  • You will need — list of materials used in the activity
  • Preparation — instructions for hand-made materials used in the activity
  • Background information — additional information about the activity or its materials
  • Presentation — step-by-step, easy to follow directions for presenting the activity
  • Note/Tip — added information about the activity, a particular term, or related theory
  • Variations — additional activities related to the initial presentation
  • Vocabulary — significant terms used in the activity

Click on the activities below to see samples from each of the five curriculum areas and the Guide. (For additional information about each of the curriculum areas, please visit the Montessori Homeschooling Curriculum section of our website.)

Practical Life

How to Pour Water


Color Tablets — Box 1

Culture and Science

Plants and Animals

Language Arts

Sandpaper Letters


Introducing the Decimal System Golden Bead Material


The Typical Day